B2B Advertising & Sponsorship at the HR & Ops Exec Forum Industry Events

We’d like to offer your brand an opportunity to promote and/or represent your business’ services and products at the quarterly industry events throughout 2017 and 2018, which are organized by Blueprint 3.0. (For more about similar past events, see: HR & Ops Exec Forum, June 2016 & Provincial Disability Employment Summit, October 2016 & Status HR Forum, June 2015 & IQ HR Forum, July 2014)

Attending these industry events will be local senior decision-makers and influencers from leading corporate brands across the following industries and sectors: Retail & FMCG, FinTech & Financial Services, Oil & Gas, BPO & Contact-Centres, Education & Government, Creative & Marketing, Publishing, ICT, amongst others. (For the sort of brands, decision-makers, and influencers who regularly attend these events, see: Forum Attendee List, June 2016Summit Attendee List, October 2016)

There’ll be three ways that you can promote and represent your brand at this industry event:

  • Advertise in the event Forum Pack: each attendee is given a free hardcopy Forum Pack at the start of each event, in which they can makes notes throughout the event and which they take away with them at the end of the event. We also send all attendees a soft copy version of the Forum Pack the day before the event. For examples of the Forum Pack, see:  Forum Pack, June 2016 & Summit Pack, October 2016
  • Be an event Sponsor: you can sponsor an aspect of the event (see our SILVER & BRONZE PACKAGES OFFERS) OR you can be the KEY event sponsor (see our GOLD PACKAGE OFFER).
  • Purchase a Ticket to attend this event: if you’d like to attend the event, but not advertise at or sponsor at the event, then you can purchase a ticket to be an attendee at the event so that you can have the opportunity to meet and network with the other attendees as well as attend all the presentations and breakaway sessions. (Note: the companies that advertise and/or sponsor the event will automatically have a ticket to attend included in the cost of advertising/sponsorship. Refer to these packages for more info on the number of tickets included in these packages.)

For full details on the opportunities for advertising and/or sponsoring at (or for purchasing tickets to attend) this industry event, as well as what these packages include and the fees for these B2B opportunities, refer to:





These industry events follow a consistent format, which includes opportunities for you to promote your brand’s services and products as well as to network with the other attendees:

Event Format:

  • 09.3010.00: Coffee & Attendee Networking
  • 10.0010.15: Welcome, Event Introduction & Advertisers / Sponsors opportunity to present on-stage their company/services to attendees
  • 10.1510.45: 1st Presentation
  • 10.4511.00: Q&A (Attendees to Presenter)
  • 11.0011.30: Coffee Break & Attendee Networking
  • 11.3011.40: Advertisers / Sponsors opportunity to present their company/services to attendees
  • 11.4012.10: Industry Panel Discussion
  • 12.1012.20: Q&A (Attendees to Panel)
  • 12.2512.45: 2nd Presentation
  • 12.4512.50: Q&A (Attendees to Presenter)
  • 12.5013.00: Closing Comments & Thanks
  • 13.00: Forum closes & Attendee Networking

If you’d like to enquire further on any matter above or secure sponsorship/advertising opportunities at these industry events, then please contact: Dermot at 076 613 9645 or dermot.grazebrook@blueprint3.co.za

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