HR & Ops Exec Forum – Digital HR In SA – Talent: Acquisition, Development, Management, June 2016

Purpose Of The HR & Ops Exec Forum Events:

The Blueprint 3.0 ( HR & Ops Exec Forum is an industry knowledge sharing & networking event.

It’s an invite-only event for senior specialists, management and executives from the following sectors: BPO & Captive Contact-CentresFinancial Services, Retail & FMCG, ICT, Oil & Gas, as well as the Education and Civil Services sectors.

At these industry events, attendees access industry thought-leaders, who present on a key strategic human capital and management topics. After each presentation, the audience has the opportunity for a Q&A with the thought-leader (and with the panel-participants, when the forum event includes an Industry Panel-Discussion).

Also, during the forum event, the attendees have the opportunity to network with their industry peers, in order to share common experiences and build relationships with colleagues in other organisations.

In this way, we hope that the opportunity provided by these events helps local professionals hear about new trends and best practice, while the increased connectedness facilitated by the event’s networking opportunities leads to more industry collaboration. In this modest way, we hope to contribute to the growth of local industry professionals and to local industry as a whole. [‘Cause we’re nice like that.]

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June’s Event Topics:

Throughout 2016, the theme for all our HR & Ops Exec Forum events is: Digital HR in SA – Talent: Acquisition, Development, & Management.

At each event we will explore a different aspect of this wide-ranging and fast-changing digital and professional landscape for industry practitioners and managers.

At June’s event, we looked at the following trends and topics:

  • Global talent management in volatile and uncertain times. How this can be applied at SA corporates?
  • What the future learner (& employee) looks like? And what does this mean for corporate HR and L&D teams in SA?
  • Navigating the GenY, mobilecomputing and social media landscape for developing an effective digital talent attraction strategy for engaging SAs labour market.

Attendees at June’s Event:

The event was fully RSVP’d and well attended on the day, with the HR & Ops management represented from the following brands: ARA Group, Merchants, Santam, Sanlam, DEDT (WCG), Capfin, Capitec Bank, Metropolitan Health, Metropolitan (both Health & Retail), MMI, Pragma World, iPDM, TFG (The Foschini Group), TFG Financial Services, Ooba, SA-Commercial, DHET (WC), Cyber Finance, Mfin (Shoprite), Shoprite Group, WNS SA, Spur Group, HomeChoice, Woolworths, WFS (Woolworths Financial Services), Tenacity (Pepkor Group), Johnson & Johnson, Takealot, Click2Customers, Nimble Group, Virgin Active Group, Mazars, Achievement Awards Group, Direct Axis, Hertz SA, TMF Corporate Services, Let’s Sell Lobster, EXL Services, and many others.

For the full list of everyone who RSVP’d/attended June’s event, please see the ATTENDEE LIST here.

June’s Venue Host:

The event was kindly hosted by Mazars ( at their Cape Town offices, in Century City.

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Thought-Leader Presentation

Talent Management In A Volatile & Uncertain (VUCA) World, by Clelland Kruger

Clelland Kruger is the Global: HRM at Let’s Sell Lobster

Clelland Kruger opened June’s event with the first presentation of the morning, sharing her experiences attending Harvard Business School’s Talent Management Programme.

Clelland has over 20 years of specialist human capital, leadership development and talent management experience in a variety of corporates and industries. She is a specialist at establishing company culture and creating high levels of staff engagement. Recently, Clelland joined Let’s Sell Lobsters, part of the Lobster Ink group, as their Global: HRM and she is based in their Cape Town offices. Before that, she was Head: L&D at Virgin Active. (Outside of work, you will find her enjoying the outdoors, with her Dalmatian at her side.)

For Celland’s full professional profile, see:

Last year, Clelland attended Harvard Business School in Boston, USA, for their Talent Management Programme. This is a prestigious invite-only programme, attended by leading HR and Operations managers from top multinational brands from across the globe:

In her presentation, Clelland shared some of her experiences of what it was like to attend Harvard Business School, network with leading international executives and HR professionals, what she learnt at Harvard’s Talent Management Programme, as well as how she believes this best practice can be applied in an SA corporate context.

For Clelland’s full presentation and slide-deck, designed by Blueprint 3.0 (, see below:

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Industry Panel Discussion:

What does the future learner (& employee) look like? How will this impact and change the way HR and L&D professionals function?

The industry Panel-Discussion is a platform for senior professionals and managers in local industry to discuss and share their experiences and insights on a particular strategic human capital topic.

At June’s Forum event, the panel discussed: What does the future learner (& employee look like) and how does this affect HR/L&D best practice?

The panel included senior HR management from: HomeChoice, Ooba, Direct Axis, Let’s Sell Lobster, and Mazars.


For profiles of all the Panelists, see:


If you’d like to see all the attendee tweets from the HR & Ops Exec Forum event, as well as their tweets about Panel-Discussion, then go to the Twitter hashtag: #HROpsForum


Thought-Leader Presentation:

The 8Laws of Digital Talent Attraction & How These Inform A Good Talent Acquisition 2.0 Strategy, by Dermot Grazebrook

Dermot Grazebrook is the Senior Consultant at Blueprint 3.0

Dermot Grazebrook concluded June’s event with the second presentation of the morning, sharing his expertise on talent acquisition and how the New Normal is changing best practice in this space.

Dermot’s professional experience includes work as the HRM for an international BPO contact-centre, in the UK and in SA; as a Regional Branch Manager and as the National Business Development & Brand Manager for four national recruitment and staffing provider brands; and as a Business Development Consultant for a leading International Management Consultancy’s Human Performance Division; and for an SA-based youth employment NPO. Currently, in addition to assisting clients with B2B business development, branding and marketing, and talent acquisition projects, he’s been working with the disability sector (and local corporates) in tackling the systemic supply-side challenges preventing greater corporate employment of people with disabilities in SA.

For Dermot’s full professional profile, see:


The mega trends impacting on business and society by the internet, mobile-computing, the consumerisation of tech’, digital and social media are as applicable to South Africa (SA) as they are to the rest of the world. In SA, digital media and mobile-computing are BIG (and growing BIGGER)!

For some informative business intelligence and data on digital and mobile-computing trends in SA, see this awesome slide-deck by OnDevice:


In his presentation, Dermot shared a range of trends, business intelligence, and insights that inform good strategy for digital talent attraction and acquisition in SA. These strategic principles apply whether you’re part of an in-house recruitment team or working at a recruitment agency.

He summed up these trends and best practice methodology in ‘The 8-Laws’ of Talent Acquisition 2.0. The 8-Laws include an assessment of key strategic considerations for attracting Gen-Y talent in SA; how to navigate digital media and multimedia content in a way that supports your organisation’s talent acquisition strategy; and why the future of talent acquisition is already here.

For Dermot’s full presentation slide-deck, designed by Blueprint 3.0 (, see below:

If you’d like to see all the attendee tweets from the HR & Ops Exec Forum event, as well as their tweets about Dermot’s Presentation, then go to the Twitter hashtag: #HROpsForum



Venue Host: 

Blueprint 3.0 is would like to say a very BIG ‘Thank You’ to Mazars ( for their generosity in hosting June’s HR & Ops Exec Forum event at their Cape Town offices, as well as for their friendly hospitality to all the attendees on the day and generously providing all the event’s catering.

Guest Speaker & Panelist: 

  • Our Guest Speaker: Clelland Kruger, Global: HRM at Let’s Sell Lobster 
  • Our Industry Panelists:
  • Elmori Bester, HRD, HomeChoice
  • Jennifer Dutton, Head: Organisational Development, Direct Axis
  • Linda Roos, Head: HR, Ooba
  • Clelland Kruger, Global: HRM, Let’s Sell Lobster
  • Andrea Fouche, L&D Manager (National), Mazars
  • Gerrit Cloete, MD, Productivity Pitstop (June’s Panel Chairperson)

Event Sponsors: 

We’d like to thank our June event sponsors for their support of this industry initiative:

  • Productivity Pitstop ( They can help you eliminate wasted productivity and leverage the investment you have already made in your chosen technology. They will help you use your Outlook, OneNote, Lotus Notes and GroupWise software as a business productivity tool (and not just using them for managing only email and meetings like most other people in most other companies do).
  • Status ( For over 40 years, Status has delivered great talent to their clients by connecting them with the right people, while ensuring their candidates have access to the right careers at employers-of-choice. In order to deliver the right person in the right career to their clients, they ensure that they focus on being specialists in their chosen two interrelated specialist divisions: BPO & Contact-Centres and Financial Services.

Finally, a BIG ‘Thank You’ to everyone who attend June’s event. We hope you enjoyed the presentations, the panel-discussion, and the industry networking. And, we hope to see you at the next event. (See more below for details on other Blueprint 3.0 industry events in 2016).


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Industry Roundtable-Workshop Events:

  • 14th July 2016 (10.00-12.30), in Century City, Cape Town
  • 13th September 2016 (10.00-12.30), in Tygervalley, Cape Town
  • 10th November 2016 (10.00-12.30), in Century City, Cape Town

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