We specialize in three core disciplines:


We apply our core disciplines to assisting our clients and their stakeholders in the following:

  • We help suppliers and NPOs, particularly those engaged in the human capital supply-chain, in their B2B business development directed at corporate decision-makers in order to grow awareness of their brand – ultimately, to grow their share of the market and their revenue base. We do this by positioning their brand as thought leaders in the market by articulating their expertise and services in a message that is engaging to their target audience
  • We help corporate & SME employers to position their brand as an Employer-of-Choice to the broad labour market in SA, as well as integrating their online and offline marketing activities to support their brand in achieving this aim
  • We develop strategy and provide market analysis for corporates, B2B suppliers, NPOs and industry (and public) bodies, especially in either B2B business development or in human capital solutions (at organisational or industry levels)
  • We help professionals develop their professional Brand-Me, align their CPD activity and build their industry network in a way that continually keeps them moving along their chosen career-path and up the career-ladder

In the human capital space, we have a particular passion and focus on talent: talent acquisition, talent development, and talent management.

For more about our brand & marketing services, see Blueprint 3.1; for our Professional’s Brand-Me, CPD & Networking services, see Blueprint 3.2; for our Strategy, Survey & Research services, see Blueprint 3.3.